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QSPI has provided health and safety guidance to a large national grounds maintenance business for a number of years. Here’s what they had to say about us:

“While every business has legal obligations to fulfil health and safety criteria, it can often seem low down on the list when compared with the day-to-day running of your business. QSPI helped us understand which documents we needed to have in place with regards health and safety and assisted us with completing the necessary paperwork.

“Risk assessments, for example, need to be fairly specific to cover all eventualities, and QSPI knew exactly what we should cover when putting together all the documentation. COSHH assessments are also an integral part of meeting legal requirements for us so if we start using a new weed killer, for example, a new assessment would have to be drawn up.

“It means we would constantly have to have an eye on ensuring our health and safety paperwork is up to date, but having QSPI on our side means they take on that responsibility for us. They offer 24-hour support so we can always phone or send them an email with any concerns or queries, which was a huge selling point for us. If we buy a new piece of equipment or start working in a different environment, we know we can get in touch and our health and safety policies will be updated accordingly, leaving us free to carry on with the job in hand.

“As part of our monthly fee they also carry out a yearly audit of our procedures and equipment to ensure our business is operating safety and in accordance with the necessary procedures. With QSPI we know we are where we should be, and our employees and customers know we are a company committed to health and safety – we can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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